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  There is a large amount of information you need to assimilate in order to write an effective business plan. You must evaluate your competition, map out your channels of distribution, forecast your cash flow, develop your product, etc. We suggest you utilize these resources to further your research. The resources within our suggested websites are very thorough. They can also help you reach out to appropriate contacts for more information.

In researching your clothing line, Style Source also urges you to "learn the lingo" and be prepared to properly identify the fabric you wish to use by weight (yield), content, and construction. We strongly recommend that you develop a business plan prior to making your first sample. Before you spend your first dollar, your plan must make sense from both a financial and market standpoint.

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Style Source, Inc. is pleased to promote the series of books and CD's written by Frances Harder. These publications are user friendly for the entrepreneur wishing to enter the apparel market, and are a must read before venturing into this dynamic field. More >>

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