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  Style Source is a highly technical company with the ability to define, service, and control product development, prototyping, and manufacturing. We also provide a host of value-added services designed to allow a completely customized finished package. Style Source only provides sampling services for those customers ready to order production quantities upon approval of the samples.

Pre-Cost Estimates
Unless otherwise directed, Style Source will provide an initial pre-cost estimate free of charge. An estimate usually takes 5-10 business days. Any value-added operations (embroidery, screen printing, garment dyeing, packaging, etc.) will require artwork, color submits, and precise definition of raw material required (hang tags, thread types, inks, etc.). You will also need to provide direction for quoting your programs domestically or offshore.

Upon approval of estimated pricing, Style Source will develop and submit two prototype samples. One sample is to be wash-tested and the other used as an approval sample (to be signed and returned to us). A fee of $375 per style will be charged. Our development pricing is predicated on your intent to order production upon sample approvals. Style Source, Inc. retains ownership of any patterns it produces. You may, at any time, request patterns for a fee of $250. All patterns are held in strictest confidence and are solely used for the customer for the customer for which they were created. All prototypes are submitted in blank white form (for those styles using our stock fabric). The sampling process usually takes 14-21 business days (for single submissions, multiple submissions may take longer). If the prototypes are to be made from a purchased fabric, lead times may be extended. For information on import prototyping, click here.

Sales samples from stock colors and fabrics will be produced for you at 2-1/2 times the price of the garment. If you require samples from non-stock colors or fabrics, please ask for more information.

As a helpful guide, Style Source offers the following checklist for submission of sample/cost requests:
  • Fabric criteria (content, construction, weight, color, etc.)
  • Shrinkage
  • Sample or line drawing
  • Size ratio and range
  • Seam types
  • After-wash dimensions
  • Label type(s)
  • Labels per garment
  • Label placement
  • Size grade
  Production time for orders under 100 dozen is 6 working weeks or less for domestic blank garments made from stock PFGD white fabrics. Each value-added process adds 5-10 business days. For larger orders a production schedule will be developed.

Manufacturing—What Can Style Source Do For You?
Style Source utilizes a host of local value-added manufacturers to provide complete finished packages exactly to your specifications, colorations, and enhancements. Why use us instead of going direct? In a nutshell, we handle all the details, working losses, and headaches.
  • Details: Style Source works out the best possible flow for product quality and enhancement. We define screen and embroidery placement and tolerances, set ranges for commercial matches, identify and rectify in-process variations, and define the sequences of operations.
  • Quality: Style Source guarantees each and every process that makes up our finished product. Our quality control staff monitors each process for conformance to standards and conducts quality audits after each garment finishing process.
  • Working Loss: Each operation creates a certain degree of off-quality product. We absorb all of the costs associated with working loss.
  • Headaches: The number of variables involved in producing a dyed and printed garment is unbelievable. Things do go awry, whether it be a quality issue, production scheduling, weather delays, shipping or packaging problems, etc. Our service provides seamless delivery, where all of these problems are unseen and unfelt by our customers.
Style Source also offers many apparel services not detailed here. They include:
  • Sourcing of fabrics and findings, including velour, sherpa, corduroy, polar fleece, print cloth, etc.
  • Customized packaging
  • Consultation services
  • Importation of custom apparel
For more information on Style Source, click here or call 910-399-2288.

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