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  At Style Source, we are often approached by companies that want to apply a design to apparel, want to private-label commodity apparel, and that want to create custom styles. We can accommodate each of these categories.

If you have a graphic and wish to build a line off that graphic, there are several possible approaches. The first is driven by price points. If you plan to apply the graphic to commodity products (standard tees, sweats, etc.), the best bet is to consider purchasing a major brand product and re-labeling (or not). This is commonly done and is perfectly legal. Style Source has strong relationships with major distributors and can assist you with product selection as well as favorable pricing by handling the purchase of the apparel, transitional operation, screen-printing or embroidering, and packaging. The minimum order for this service is 240 pieces.

You may access our three wearables catalogs at, and We will quote pricing once you have selected the brand, colors, sizes, and quantities you require.

In order for Style Source to price this type of program, we require artwork in both .jpg and .eps formats. Color separations are helpful. Any artwork modifications that may be required will be evaluated and price-quoted. Screen charges are $25 each, and embroidery tapes run from $75 to $225. Print samples are $100 plus cost, and embroidery samples are $15 plus cost.

Style Source will private-label garments for you. We rely on the customer to send us labels; we can, however, assist you with a resource. You will want to discuss with us any label application that is not a topsew label. If we are purchasing apparel and re-labeling, there is a charge of 50¢ per garment for quantities under 500 and 40¢ per garment for orders of 500 or more (the minimum re-label order size is 240 pieces; these prices assume you are supplying a topsew label). This includes removal of the old label and professional application of the new label, assuming there is a separate care and content label. If we are manufacturing the apparel there is no extra charge.

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