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  Style Source offers a wide variety of apparel styles available for immediate make-to-order. Styles are available in 10 piece-dye colors as well as prepared-for-dye (PFD).
  • Minimum order per style is 20 dozen. We will allow down to a 10-dozen cut with a $100 surcharge.
  • Minimum per size is 2 dozen.
  • Minimum per color is one dozen.
  • Any of these styles can be modified (custom orders start at 30 dozen).
  • Lead time is 4-6 weeks from order placement using our generic labels. With your labels, lead time is 4-6 weeks from receipt of your labels.
PFD Garments
Our garments are "True-to-Size," meaning they will consistently fit the size indicated on the label after processing. True-to-Size garments may appear oversized before washing. They have been carefully evaluated on forms and live models for accurate fitting. Over 40 of the styles illustrated within our pre-patterned apparel catalog are available for immediate shipment in piece quantities from Dharma Trading in prepared-for-dye (PFD) white. Please note these styles as indicated and visit Dharma Trading for your fiber-arts needs.

Piece-Dye Garments

Our piece-dyed garments are available pre-shrunk. This means we have added a shrinkage control process to reduce residual shrinkage. Apparel made from our white piece-dye color is sewn with cotton thread to provide flexibility to either garment dye or keep them white.

We guarantee our colors will be a commercially acceptable match to our standards. We cannot guarantee exact matches between different garments or from one shipment to the next. Natural will vary between fabrics, as each has its own color base. Our piece-dye garments made from standard colors have colored buttons to match.Our snaps are stainless steel. Custom Colors
We would be pleased to match your color and custom dye just for you. Our piece-dye minimum is 500 yards per color. We utilize silver snap rings and clear buttons for custom-colored garments. If you want your choice of buttons or snaps, the garment becomes a custom product with a 30-dozen minimum.

Due to the unprecedented increase in cotton fiber prices and the ongoing shortage of cotton yarns our catalog prices are subject to an 10% surcharge until further notice. For information relative to this situation please read our blog at the home page or Google "cotton fiber prices".

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