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  Through our partnership with a major Hong Kong manufacturer with factories in six countries, as well as long-term agreements with business owners in Latin America, Canada, the Caribbean, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Pakistan, Style Source ensures full-service, headache-free import clothing sourcing.

First Samples & Sample Runs
The import sourcing systems and strategies used by Style Source are designed to make sure that your import shipments are to specification and meet or exceed your expectations. Our sample process begins with first samples, which are constructed from like fabric for fit and construction evaluation. Fabric and color swatches as well as findings samples are submitted for standards approval. Once prototypes are approved and orders are placed, we produce fabric for sample production (and in some cases for order production). Upon fabric approval, we make a full-size run, again prior to cutting production, and submit for approval.Our process ensures that all materials, fit, construction, and grading are to your satisfaction prior to production.


During this approval phase, you are solely responsible for the cost of shipments of samples. Unless otherwise requested, Style Source uses FedEx for the movement of packages. You may provide us with your account number for direct billing from FedEx, or we can bill you. Most shipments are first delivered to our offices for documentation and quality certification.

Style Source requires a $500 deposit for each style we are requested to develop. We deduct freight charges from this deposit as they occur. If you do not order production, the balance on hand will be applied as a development fee. If you do order production, your balance will be applied to your order.

Unless otherwise arranged, Style Source ships product FOB the port of origin (on certain programs we may offer LDP not including freight). Production lead time is typically 90 days (excluding holidays) from order date (Asia) and 60 days from order date (Latin America or Canada). Ocean freight is typically 20 days from the Far East, 30 days from Vietnam or Cambodia, and 7-10 days from Latin America. Customs clearance is typically 2-5 days, but could take longer and is beyond our control. In the event that your shipment is on a container that is selected for an intensive exam (or selected on its own), any charges related to warehousing or customs fees are at your jeopardy. It is important that you understand that the U.S. Customs Service has absolute authority over shipments and that their actions are outside of our control.

Possibilities like acts of terror or natural disaster may also delay your shipments. The liability of late delivery due to circumstances outside of our control is your risk.

Customs Brokerage
You will be required to select a customs broker (we can help you if you do not have one) and to become an importer of record by placing an import bond. Your broker will require a power of attorney in order to file clearance papers on your behalf. Your broker will also handle the direct billing of bulk shipment freight.

Style Source's terms are either LOC or 50% (plus freight estimate) deposit at time of order and the balance upon notification of scheduled shipment from port of origin, whichever you choose. We fully warrant all products to your satisfaction of compliance to specifications, coloration, construction, and manufacturer's defects. All orders are subject to a plus or minus 5% variance in order quantity.

For more information on Style Source, click here or call 910-399-2288.

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