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  Considering Style Source's low minimums and our high level of expertise, it is only natural for those looking to start a clothing line to be attracted to our services. We welcome you, and we will make every effort to bring you many levels of success.

To start any new business you need a business plan. Many startup customers come to Style Source with a new product idea believing that their friends and neighbors will spread the word and that mass merchants will eventually show up at their door ready to buy. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. In order to successfully launch a new clothing line, you must consider a number of important aspects of apparel manufacturing and production sourcing including: If you are ready to place a production order upon sample approval, Style Source will be happy to produce product samples for you. If you need patterns and samples for the purpose of market research, we recommend you visit

At Style Source, we provide enablement services. This means that we will support every facet of the production process you choose, allowing you to control any aspect of your approach that you consider essential to your success. From pattern making to packaged product, Style Source is your one-stop resource.

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