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  Q- What does your company produce?
A- Domestically we are focused on basic knit products. We make infant wear (rompers, onesies, bibs,), maternity, women’s tops, tees, dresses, hoodies, leggings, yoga, fitness, and accessory products. Internationally we produce golf shirts, slacks, jeans, woven dresses, dress shirts, ties, and virtually any other sewn product.

Q- What fabrics do you use? Do you use organics?
A- We use jerseys, interlocks, ribs, fleece, French terry, thermals, jerseys, pointelles, performance fabrics, spandex blends, bamboo blends, organics, rayon blends, and many others. We stock 11 100% cotton knits and will custom dye them to your colors. The rest of the fabrics are sourced from mills or importers. Organics can either be made from imported yarns or 100% domestic certified fiber.

Q- Do you make samples and what do you charge?
A- We have full CAD using Tuka software. Our pattern work/technical design is performed in our North Carolina headquarters and the samples are produced in our Pennsylvania facilities. For speculation sampling ( samples needed to visualize and promote without making a production commitment) we handle pattern making and sampling on a straight rate basis of $75 an hour plus materials. Simple garments may take 4-6 hours to make first patterns and samples. If you plan to order production, at our production minimums, we offer a straight rate of $375 which includes first samples, repeat sampling if necessary, materials, grading and marking.

Q- Do you make sales samples?
A- Sales samples can be difficult in the sense that a given fabric type is typically not available in sample quantities in the exact colors your program may dictate. Matching trim fabrics and findings may also be problematic. Sales samples are best made from production fabrics and findings. This means a commitment to production so that the materials can be made up and then expediting the sales samples so they become available 4-8 weeks before production comes through. We charge 2 ½ times the quoted garment price for sales samples or size runs.

Q- Do you design garments?
A- No. We provide technical design services. We rely on our customers to know exactly what they want and to be able to express it in a manner we can successfully interpret without many rounds of sampling.

Q- What is the best way for me to submit my ideas?
A- The best way is to send us a physical sample of something close to what you want. We need to understand the construction you require, and a sewn sample is best. You can tell us what you want to change, what works, what you want to add, etc. It’s a great excuse to go shopping!

Q- How do I select my fabrics?
A- The best way is the same as the question above. Find a garment that has the correct feel (hand), drape, and weight. If there are performance attributes you want (wicking, soil release, anti microbial, etc) you need to note them along with the submitted sample. If there is a specific fiber content or blend you want you must note it. We will then refer to our extensive fabric library to find close matches and will send you small samples for review and approval. Bear in mind there are dozens of potential matches, so asking for us to send you all the possible options for you to review is not a viable possibility considering the number of requests and quantities of samples we would have to maintain.

Q- Do you source trims?
A- Yes. Simply tell us what you want or send us a sample. We source elastics, ribbons, zippers, snaps, tapes, buttons etc. Bear in mind that customized findings such as printed neck tape or printed elastic have very high minimums. Zipper minimums are 100 per required length.

Q- Do I need to supply measurement specifications and grading?
A- Only if you have them and want to. If you do not have specs we do need a sample that fits the designated size properly. If you have a size medium yoga pant and your sister is your medium fit model and they fit her perfectly than you would send us the sample and tell us it is a perfect “no shrink” medium (even if the tag says large!). We adjust all patterns for shrinkage, so we would take that size medium, spec it and then add shrink to it so that the garment would fit to that spec after a wash/dry cycle. If you do not know grading we will be happy to apply a grade based on our industry experience.

Q- What are your production minimums?
A- Domestic minimums are 360 pieces per style using our stock fabrics and colors. Custom colors and non-stock fabrics are dependant on mill minimums. Typical dyelot minimums are 600 yards to 1100 yards per color. We do not require you to consume all fabric in the first production run, but do require a deposit equal to 80% of the leftover fabric value after production. We will hold that fabric for up to a year awaiting further orders. If no orders are forthcoming after a year we request the balance due on the fabric and will ship the goods to a location of your choice at your expense. Import minimums vary a bit based on category. Ties and sweaters are as low as 400 pieces per style. Most other categories are 1200 per style/600 per color. Jeans and high value tees require a minimum of 2400 units.

Q- What are your prices? Can you give me an idea on pricing?
A- We cannot advise pricing without knowing all the specifics. Fabric type, content, weight, garment construction, size range, colors, findings, quantities , packaging, labeling , import or domestic, etc etc. We will be happy to provide an estimate once we know all of the factors. If you need an idea for business planning purposes simply research competitor samples in the channel of distribution you plan to sell and work the pricing backwards to determine what would work for your model.

Q- What is your production lead time?
A- Domestically, for programs using our stock fabrics we quote 6 weeks or less. If there are value added services (garment dyeing, printing, embroidering, etc) add 2 weeks for each additional process. If we are sourcing the fabric, the mills take 4-6 weeks to make up piece goods. Our quote is usually 8-10 weeks for programs using milled fabrics. Imported garments are ex-factory 90 days and another 30 days transport/customs clearance.

Q- Do you distribute product (pick/pack) for us?
A- No. We do not warehouse or offer multiple drop ships for a single bulk order. We will ship the entire order to one destination of your choice.

Q- Will you private label the garments for us?
A- Yes. We will sew in any customer supplied label. A top sew logo label is sewn in at no extra charge and we can supply a printed care/content/size label. If your label is to be side tacked or sewn on all four sides there will be an up charge. We do not manufacture logo labels. Our resource page offers several vendors for sourcing labels and hang tags.

Q- Do you provide custom packaging?
A- We will be happy to quote labor pricing for packaging the garments as you choose. We do not manufacture nor supply custom packaging materials. We stock 5 different plastic bag sizes for individual bagging. Typical packaging for orders will be bulk folding in dozens, placed in a lined box. We utilize used boxes to do our part with environmental considerations, so the quantities per box will depend on the bulk of the garments and the box we are using. We make an effort to not exceed a weight of 50 pounds per box.

Q- How do you ship?
A- Unless specifically requested to use a common carrier we ship via UPS. For shipments over 200 pounds we use the UPS 100 weight class, which is competitive with bulk carrier rates less than 1,000 pounds.

Q- How do I pay? Are deposits required?
A- All custom orders require a 50% deposit at time of order. We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover but do not accept American Express. If you want terms for the balance of the order you must submit 4 trade references for review and consideration. If you do not have terms with us the balance is due upon shipment. If there are custom fabrics left over deposits are kept on hand as previously discussed.

Q- What are your warranties?
A- We 100% guarantee the garments we provide to be free of manufacturing defects if reported within 15 days of receipt. We may choose to repair or replace the items or will refund you for approved returns. For coloration, we warrant the colors to conform to a commercial match (industry accepted variance) to the color standard. For measurements, we warranty the items to conform to industry accepted tolerances for shrinkage variation and sewing allowances. We make every effort to insure garments conform to both before and after wash standards.

Q- Do you have a contract?
A- No. Typically, an order is a contract in the sense that the garments have been sampled, have specifications and are warranted. No additional contractual agreements are required.

Q- Will you sign an NDA (confidentiality agreement)?
A- We will, but not if it stipulates enforcement in any state outside of North Carolina. Most “new” garments are a compilation of elements from other garments. That is why you cannot protect a garment design. What you can protect is a specific application of use (patent). You can also protect (copyright) your logo and graphic designs.

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