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  Value-Added Services
Heat Transfers | Screen Printing | Dyeing | Washing | Embroidery

There are hundreds of ways to embellish a garment. From unusual trimmings to custom printing or embroidery, Style Source can assist you in achieving the end result you are looking for. We offer a variety of value-added options designed to minimize the time and effort you must expend, including heat transfers, screen printing, dyeing, washing, and embroidery services.

Style Source subcontracts these value-added services to local providers we have been working with for many years. We have production positions with them as well as favorable pricing. Most importantly, they have grown to understand the quality level we expect and provide a routinely high level of consistency. Although you may save money by subcontracting directly, there are many distinct advantages to utilizing our "full package" pricing:
  • We will warrant your entire product line.
  • We will provide packaging services if required.
  • We will absorb all fallout due to misprints, stains, misplacement, etc.
  • We will monitor and approve strikeoffs and production.
  • Our process is seamless, requiring no special attention from you until the goods arrive at your receiving department.
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