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  Production Specifications

Once your costs and samples have been approved, Style Source is prepared to begin production of your custom apparel. To ensure that your custom order is filled to your exact specifications (and that the level of service you receive is second to none), we will need you to answer the following questions as accurately as possible: Labels
  • Will we be using generic labels or labels that you provide?
  • How many labels will we be applying and where will they be affixed (please supply drawing)? Any labels requiring folding need to be delivered pre-folded.
  • Are your labels suitable for garment dyeing?
  • Do your labels contain all federally mandated information?
  • Do your labels have enough sewing margin?
Buttons, Snaps & Other Fasteners
  • What size fasteners are required?
  • Do they require special application equipment?
  • Will you supply buttons or do you need them sourced?
  • Will we be using stainless steel, white, or other colored snaps?
  • What are your packaging requirements? Our standard for custom orders is one dozen garments in a printer's fold, tied and tagged. There is no extra charge for "stock" packaging, one dozen folded in a poly bag.
Other Special Requirements
  • Do you have any other special production or handling requirements?
  • Do you have specific product manufacturing tolerances?
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