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  Production Process

There are many phases in the custom apparel production process. If you are utilizing a textile that we have in stock, Style Source is positioned to move directly to marker making. If the textile you require is not a stock product, the production process begins with yarn purchasing and progresses through knitting, dyeing, and finishing. This process typically takes 4-5 weeks. During this time, all findings are identified and ordered. Fabrics are tested for conformance to established quality criteria. After cut tickets are issued, markers are produced and sent to cutting. Once at sewing, cut parts are split and scheduled for assembly. If there are value-added services to be performed after sewing, garments are transported to the appropriate facility and then packaged as specified.

To ensure the consistent quality of your custom clothing order, Style Source develops size and construction specifications prior to production. We also produce internal samples to provide to the sewing floor along with these specifications. Our audit team monitors in process and audits all lots after they receive 100% inspection.

As with any manufacturing process, not all of what we start out to produce results in first-quality product. If you require the exact quantity that you order, please specify and we will overcut the lot by a factor of 3%. We request that if we do a superlative job and have up to 3% overage in first-quality product that you accept and pay for that overage. If you will not accept overages, please mark your order "Do Not Overcut" and understand that there may be minor shortages in first-quality quantities delivered.

Ordering Information
Complete information is the key to "getting it right" the first time. When ordering please make sure to include shipping and billing information, ship date, cancel date, and a purchase order number.

Deposits are required on all custom orders. Please inquire and arrange for requested deposits when you order.

Orders will be processed once all supplies and deposits to be provided by the customer have been received.

Most orders are shipped six weeks or less from the date of the order. Order size, complexity, and timing can affect deliveries. Actual delivery dates will be quoted at the time of the order.

No cancellations will be accepted once orders have been confirmed in writing.

For more information on Style Source, click here or call 910-399-2288.

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