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  Value-Added Services: Embroidery
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If you are considering embroidery, there are several basic questions you will need to address prior to inquiring about price:
  • How many colors are in the design?
  • How large is the pattern field?
  • Where on the garment is the embroidery to be placed?
  • How many units will be in the order?
  • How many stitches are in the design?
  • Do you require having your pattern digitized or do you have a tape already made?
In general, a tape from supplied artwork will cost between $75 for a simpler, lower-density design to $200 for a large, complex design. Styles Source's minimum order size to handle an embroidery program is 20 dozen per embroidery design.We do not quote prices per stitch; rather, we prefer to review your design and specifications in order to provide an accurate quotation.

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