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  Custom Clothing Development

Style Source offers full customization for a wide variety of sewn products. We stock 10 basic 100% cotton knit fabrics. If you utilize these fabrics our minimum is 30 dozen. We can custom-color our fabrics with a 500-yard minimum. We will also source virtually any type of fabric, with the understanding that the apparel minimum will be based on the purchase fabric minimum, which usually runs 600-1,000 yards per color.

A One-Stop Shop
Style Source is your one-stop shop for custom-manufactured colored, imprinted, and embroidered garments. We are a premium supplier to many name-brand catalogs and retailers. From the sourcing of fabrics and findings through custom packaging, our team can produce virtually any sewn product. Our services include:
  • Custom production from virtually any knit fabric
  • Custom piece-dyed colors
  • Garment dyeing with 200-pound per-color per-fabric minimums (please ask about delivery options)
  • Fabric dyeing with 320-pound dyed fabric commitment
  • Screen or heat-transfer printing
  • Embroidery
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • International sourcing
  • Custom grading
  • Management of large import programs
  • Relabeling/enhancement of branded apparel
30-dozen-per-style minimum (two-dozen minimum per size) for private labeling of pre-patterned catalog styles, with six-week-or-less delivery.

30-dozen-per-style minimum (two-dozen minimum per size) for custom garments from stock PFD or piece-dyed fabrics, with six-week-or-less delivery.

50-dozen-per-style minimum for custom piece-dyed colors (except hats and accessories).

For more information on Style Source, click here or call 910-399-2288.

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